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Durham, NH Yeah, in the standard system, it seems the beeps are in the front channels only. With my new speakers, the freq. Beeps clearly heard up front, nothing heard from the back. Also, even with the new system, the beep volume stays the same regardless of what the stereo volume is at. So, this seems to further confirm that the beep signal coming from the MFD just goes through the built-in amp and has nothing to do with the stereo, really. I went to a local installer yesterday and asked about lowering the beep volume.

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Click the marked text to copy link to Clipboard Easy install, great bass, and it looks good too. Definitely worth the money. I have it under my rear seat in a jeep wrangler. Anonymous, Richmond upon Thames says Great amp and sub for the money! I have a regular cab ranger i drive throughout the week so there isn’t alot of room.

This sub fits great behind the passenger, and sounds great for what it is. Installation was just like any other amp, i like the bass know too.

Ultimate Aftermarket HU, Subwoofer, Speaker Install Guide

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My old home theater setup was LSi15 mains, LSiC center, and LSi9 as surrounds run off a 5 channel Parasound amplifier.

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Mar 13,  · I tapped into the cig lighter/12v acc power wire for my remote turn on, ran a 4 guage wire, with fuse, from BATT+ to power the amp, used a 4 guage ground wire, cleaned the ground source and grounded to the body at a front seat bolt. I ran 14g speaker wires along the passenger side of truck to the rear to hook up sub.

Termination point of this ground wire has been debated ranging from connecting to the frame fairing mount, directly to the negative lead of the battery or the whole system common ground point near the battery. On mine I terminated the ground wire at the whole system common ground point near the battery. Some extra speaker wire to go from AMP to speakers Not sure if you’re replacing speakers as well, but if so you may need compatible terminals so you can connect your speaker wires to the speakers.

The Harley terminals are designed specifically for the Harley speakers. Depending on how or if you plan to do any splicing you’ll need some type of crimp terminals or a solder iron and heat shrink tubing. If you are going to connect your remote turn on wire to another switch powered wire the cigarette lighter for example you’ll need a t-type terminal or some other method of joining the wires. There are some suppliers who offer complete AMP install wiring kits and depending on which one you get they are only marginally more expensive than buying the parts and pieces individually.

Since I like doing my own thing I purchased all of the parts and pieces individually. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Last edited by wevsspot; at

hookin up a rca converter

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Oct 28,  · Where would I hook this up in my 06 DC w/ JBL System. Looking to just put a sub and amp in with the factory system for now. SNIjpg.

Your rca cables should be coming from your LOC output and going to your amp input. I don’t understand what you mean by your rca is tapped into your moonroof.. I’ll try to describe it as best I can. If you look at that loc, there are 6 wires total , two positive, two negative, 2 ground. The OEM sub in the trunk has 1 positive 1 negative. Then I connected the loc to the amp using the white and red channel cables. To be honest, I am not sure which cable I was suppose to use from the knuconceptz kit.

The channel cable had a thin black wire in between the white and red channel cables which I separated from the two cables and used it as the rca from the noonroof to the amp.

Installing sub and amp with factory radio in 13 Dodge Charger SE.. NEED HELP

It’s stupid loud, which is what my teenagers wanted. Fairly easy to install and telephone tech support was quick and helpful in matching up all the channels with the right speaker wires once everything was wired. Would buy this brand again.

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You, yeah you, you need some more bump in your vehicle and the Boss Armor W Monoblock Amplifier with 8-gauge wiring kit is the one that delivers the jams in your ride. This car audio package includes a boss Audio watt subwoofer, watt amplifier with a remote and wiring kit, and a Q-Power enclosure. This amplifier also comes with an 8-gauge wiring installation kit for your convenience.

It’s 2-ohm stable to produce more power and more volume and is full of features that will leave you speechless. Offering watts of max power and a watt rms power rating, single 4-ohm voice coil and a custom-tooled, the Boss CX sub delivers with its heavy-stamped steel frame, injected cone. Give your car’s audio system extra bump with the ultimate performance and high power of the Boss Audio CX Inch Watt Subwoofer.

It shows off switchable bass boost, thermal protection, high and low-level inputs, variable gain control, a variable low-pass filter, and a subwoofer level control that gives you the ability to boost the sub level when an amp or subwoofer are connected. It has a peak power of watts at 2 ohms, rms power of at 2 Ohms, peak power of watts at 4 Ohms, and RMS power of watts at 4 Ohms. Car audio package includes a boss audio watt subwoofer, watt amplifier with a remote and wiring kit, and a Q-Power enclosure.

How To Install a Line Out Converter (LOC)