Keeping your tent warm: Autumn, Winter, and Spring

Just a quick blog post and video to thank all you viewers who have subscribed to the Love Your RV! We just surpassed 20, subs! A big part of the renovation was an upgrade to the RV flooring. After looking at a photo of one I was extremely intrigued by this funky looking bicycle. They can get into the innards of our rigs leaving behind a mess as they chew and relieve themselves all over the place. We absolutely love the park, town, and surrounding area. Introduction We have full-time RVed for five awesome years now.

Will My Propane Heater work without electric hook up…

We are the third owners and have had this wonderful GMC for 17 years. It has always been garaged and is in excellent condition. Solid walnut cabinets, roof air conditioning and 6kw Onan generator. Cared for as a family member. Always garaged and continuously maintained and upgraded, it is in excellent condition.

Bought it because my family went tent camping and had a site with electric hookup. I purchased the heater just in case it got cold in SE TX that weekend–and it did (relatively speaking).

The snow has melted if you get snow , the birds are chirping, the air is warming, and your thoughts turn to sitting around a campfire with loved ones. What could be better? This step by step guide will help you get your RV ready for the camping season. Exterior Remove any covers that were put on for storage. Re-install any batteries that were removed.

Top off the water in your batteries and give them a good charge.

9 Best Tent Heaters For Outdoor Warmth in 2018

Lynx Professional Grills It’s. Yup, that sums it up – this mouth-watering, budget-busting, jaw-droppingly beautiful backyard set from Lynx Professional Grills has a 42″ grill with access doors, double burner, storage drawers, warming drawer, and beverage area with outdoor refrigerator, ice machine, and coctail pro a bar area with sink and faucet.

If you have to ask how much, you simply can’t afford it. People have been writing us because apparently, we missed a lot of cool grills, so in the spirit of catching up, here are a few more awesome BBQ grills: The Ultimate Smoker and Grill.

Starting at $; This is a Great Design for Small size Unit Heaters 5 Year Element Warranty Easy Electric hook up! SMOOTH, QUIET OPERATION Ruggedly built, yet lighter weight for easier installation. No piping flutes, valves, or traps.

While cold weather sends some folks running inside, those in the know simply turn on their patio heater and keep right on loving their outdoor space. When you extend the life of your outdoor space with a patio heater, clear fall and winter nights can become some of your favorite throughout the entire year. Because warmth is the biggest challenge you face, selecting the right patio heater is essential. The size of your patio, or more specifically, the size of space you want to heat, plays a big role in determining how many heaters you need.

Typically, patio heaters disperse heat in a foot to foot radius. For instance, if you have long outdoor dining table, you may find one patio heater leaves one half of the table cold. By positioning a patio heater on opposing corners of the table, you can help evenly distribute the heat and warm the entire party. Thinking about safety is essential when you are considering patio heaters. The more central the location of the patio heater, the more effective its heat dispersal will be. However, you need to consider how you and your guests will move around the heater.

Will there be enough space to safely navigate it?

Keeping your tent warm: Autumn, Winter, and Spring

A geothermal heat pump can be used for hot water, snow melt, ice-making, and even pool heating. Using a geothermal heat pump for hot water heating can actually make your heat pump even more efficient! A desuperheater captures the heat that is naturally lost by running the heat pump. As efficient as a geothermal heat pump is, there is a small amount of heat produced by the pump that is not used to heat your home. A desuperheater captures this expended heat and pumps it to the hot water tank.

Online shopping from a great selection at Patio, Lawn & Garden Store.

What types of heating are available to us? Several – from the sun itself to gas-fired, oil-fired, electric and elaborate solar heating systems. The most widely used type is the direct fired natural gas heater because of its low cost, reliability, ease of operation and the wide availability of natural gas. In areas where natural gas is not available, heater models can be furnished equipped to use LP gas or propane gas.

Used alone, the passive heating technique merely serves to help keep pool temperatures at existing levels by retaining natural solar heat and preventing its loss. It cannot add heat to build up water temperature beyond what the sun supplies. Active solar uses traditional pool motors to move water from the pool through a system of solar collector panels for heating by the sun. This increases the amount of solar heat added to the pool. Why not go strictly solar?

Not exactly – in fact, not by long shot. An adequate solar pool heating system will cost substantially more initially than fuel-fired heaters. Solar systems have definite limitations. To begin with, they require sufficient area in which to install large collector panels, usually on a roof or deck overhang near the pool. This means that if you have a 20 x 40 pool you should have a 20 x 40 collector area available for best results.


Along with camping in Big Bear, the area offers many recreational opportunities to those who want it, from winter snow skiing to summer hiking, biking, and boating. Big Bear is home to numerous campgrounds that accommodate both RV and tent enthusiasts. So what does Big Bear have to offer in recreational camping? What campgrounds are easiest to get to? Which ones require reservations? Do any of them have RV hook-ups?

Hot Water Heater Hook Up Kit. Dating Ideas In Sydney! After reading many reviews and research about hot water heater hook up kit this product last summer, plus getting local advise from friends who also have tankless dating sites accents water heater systems installed.

We are continuing with our look at Practical Survival for Vandwellers and today we are going to continue looking at staying comfortable in the heat and cold. The very best thing about being a vandweller is that you always have your shelter with you and because it is on wheels you have the ability to travel with the seasons and maintain a nearly constant temperature. Among vandwellers and RVers that is known as being a snowbird, flying south or north with the season.

Since the temperature drops by a little more than 3 degrees per feet, if I go up feet the temperature will be 20 degrees cooler so it will be about 75 degrees. Eventually though, it will get hot at Prescott as well, usually up to the mid 90s. When that happens I can just move another miles to the Coconino NF outside of Flagstaff AZ at feet and the temps will drop another degrees putting them into the 80s.

But more importantly, I will be surrounded by huge Ponderosa pines so I can park in the shade and stay very comfortable. Covering your windows with Reflectix is critical. But by putting out this tarp I keep heat from coming in the window and I also get to keep the window open at the same. Reflectix is two layers of a heavy duty aluminum foil-like material with bubble wrap sandwiched between them. It adds a small amount of insulation, but what it does extremely well is reflect the heat of the sun away from the van.

If you cover all your windows with Reflectix, your van will be much more comfortable in both winter and summer. By far your best choice is to cut it a little large and simply press it into the window frame.

Camping in Big Bear Lake, California

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Would you be able to comment on my plans.? My location gets about 4. I only use my cabin on weekends from May thru October. Will this work, and can I go up a bit in cu ft?

Jan 20,  · Boilers – Home Heating Steam and Hot Water Systems – Boiler with summer winter hook up not producing hot water! – As I know it, our boiler .

You will look to your AC system to be your best buddy in keeping you comfortable when temperatures soar into the 80s and higher during the day, and remain in the upper 70s during the evening hours. If you live in a humid climate, a surfeit of moisture suspended in the air can make your home feel even hotter than it actually is, affecting the comfort level of your home. If your AC system has some years on it, its efficiency has started to wane, and its effectiveness is jeopardized.

The result is an increase in your power bills, and a hot, sweaty environment. Three evident signs that point to humidity as the problem, causing your AC system to function less efficiently are: The best method for dealing with heavy moisture in the air inside your home is to purchase a dehumidifier, which can be attached to your AC system by an AC installation technician.

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It’s never fun when you’re in the shower all lathered up and your hot water begins to run out. Suddenly, you begin to frantically look around the bathtub like the answer is somewhere hidden on the walls or shower curtain. In a futile effort to prevent pneumonia, you get a little too forceful with the cold water knob and the next thing you know, you’ve scalded yourself.

Summer Propane Usage – During off peak months, propane will be used by cooking appliances, water heaters, clothes dryers and the maybe pool heaters. If the gas range, dryer and water heaters are used at a rate of 25% capacity 2 hours per day, the gas usage will be about gallons per day.

Above Average Propane Usage – Not Necessarily a Leak Propane companies hear this more often from residential consumers during periods of cold weather. It is more common for propane marketers in the southern states to get these calls than northern marketers just because the weather and climate is so much warmer in the south. During abnormally cold weather this is very common but it doesn’t always men there’s a gas leak.

If you smell propane, get out of your house and call your propane company immediately. Home Heating in Cold Weather If you heat your home with propane and it’s cold outside, you are going to use more propane. The same goes for heating with natural gas or electricity. The United States encompasses such a large geographic area that the climate regions of the country range from frigid to tropical.

These contrasting environments signify a large difference in heating seasons as well as varying lengths of the heating seasons. Some parts of the southern U. Consumers in the warmer regions of the U. The reason being that people in these warmer climates are not used to cold winters and they can’t see how they could have used so much gas. The example here actually occurred in San Antonio, Texas after an extended period of cold temperatures in January of San Antonio is known for hot summers and mild winters and the propane customer was unable to believe that he had gone through so much gas in just a few weeks.

The customer has a 1, gallon propane tank that supplies the following LP Gas appliances with appliance BTU ratings:

Summer/Winter Switch for BDP/PDP/HD Heater

In some cases, contractors may be uninsured or unlicensed. Blue Zone High skilled contractors who use a range of quality materials built to last and charge their clients fairly for their services. These contractors are licensed, insured and specialized in their work. Red Zone High skilled contractors who use proprietary quality materials and charge their clients a premium for labor and materials.

Installing Electric Heaters. Have the electrician you hire check your panel before you start the project and confirm the planned hookup. Be sure to apply for a local electrical permit so an inspector will check your work. This Crazy Fan Will Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long. How to Double The Life of Your Air Conditioner.

Edit Answer for another 5 minutes You have to put your self in the shoes of a business that is in business to turn a profit of some sort. All businesses have different overhead which in turn decides what their bottom line would be on their services. I personally would not go with an unlicensed professional for this type of install. I do agree that there are some companies that are way out of line for their installs but most of these companies are the really big companies that have very high overheads I would assume.

Tank type water heaters have changed over the last several years and with these safety changes come bigger prices. The price of steel thanks to China is skyrocketing and tank type water heaters are made of steel. Most wholesale plumbing supply companies cannot match what the big box stores are selling at retail to consumers. I happen to think from research that heaters such as Rheem, Bradford White and AOSmith who have been in business forever make a better product than what you can buy in the big box outlets.

You also have to take in consideration the location of the water heater that is being replaced.

Boiler Basics: Part III – External Components