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Here you will find out about what’s inside the Big Scary Jeep. It’s not so scary after all, unless, of course, you’re my dog. I’ll start with the basics. My goal was to keep the outside of the vehicle reasonably “stock” looking so that if I wanted to run it in parades or something like that, I could. With the installation of the roll cage and an electric winch purchased, the “stock” look may eventually fall by the wayside. Oh, and you can see the leather seats from the outside, too! See the M Zone for the stock configuration of these trucks.

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We have a workable Suburban that happens to be an oil burner. Now we just need to figure out how to make the two into one. That is still in progress, I will not get into all of the details about everything going on, but I will give you the bare essentials and highlight the important things you need to know. First off, obviously you need both a Full Size Jeep truck and hopefully a running Suburban.

Here you can see that Hyde got new doors. The old ones were giving me window problems and seeing as we are going with a totally new paint scheme, I decided it did not matter what color the new ones were.

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I want to thank you Farna for your good info and diagrams along with your installation tips. Let me bring everyone up to date with exact facts found so far. First, we all need to know exact year-model-mfg. BY this I mean if I am using an early 4. As Farna and others have said- old intake will work with early 4. Next let me add that if you buy Clifford Research later fuel injected-carb intake You need to file down raised areas where bolt washers go so as to get a tight seal and proper fit.

Also discovered when you use 4V bolt-on carb base spacer- reseal all screw holes and check carb base gaskets for leak outlets and seal with silicone. Test by spraying carb or WD 40 around intake and carb. My electrical problem was poor ground from – batt.

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How to hook up an electric motor start or run capacitor: Never work on live electrical equipment. A fractional horsepower electrical motor should show different electrical resistance between the three terminals Start, Run, and Common as we illustrate just below. Find the two highest resistance terminals. The third one will be the common terminal.

Our example is for a Frigidaire compressor motor. Electric Motor run speed side note: Incidentally while most electric motors are marked with a data tag indicating the motor run speed in RPMs it’s worth noting that the number of run coils is what determines the run speed of the motor. Two-coils marks a motor that runs at rpm rpm “nominal” , while 4 coils marks a rpm motor.

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Fast forward to However, things have changed. The motor has been outfitted with an Edelbrock Torker manifold Why? In I purchased a 1 ton Chevy flatbed truck with a liftgate.

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Swapping in a 4. I’ve have listed below the parts and major procedures. As with any modification you may encounter different scenarios pertaining to your vehicle. I bought my 4. It’s a good idea when looking for a motor to ask about getting the computer ECM and wiring harness. You will also need to get a external fuel pump, or you can go through the hassle of getting a wrangler one and dropping you fuel tank and sticking it there.

The external fuel pump is mounted near the front of the gas tank skid plate along with a fuel filter. Another key part of the swap is the crankshaft position indicator. I chose to buy this from Hesco rather than drilling up my bellhousing. The Hesco kit comes with a new vibration dampner with the CPI that mounts using 3 bolts on the front of the oil pan.

It is real easy and convenient to hook up. I mated my new 4. At first I was concerned with a new pilot bushing because the new motor came from a Cherokee with an automatic transmission. The pilot bushing from a T-5 transmission does not fit into a 4.

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Welcome to Hellwig. Hellwig Products has over 72 years of experience manufacturing high quality, innovative load control and sway control solutions for domestic and foreign trucks, RV’s, muscle cars, classic cars and fleet vehicles.

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This is so the PCM can remember learned information about the engine over time. This includes idle control, fuel trims, and transmission adapts. This is what ‘powers up’ the PCM.

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Motorcraft Carburetor Accelerator Pump Circuit The accelerator pump circuit illustrated is a means of compensating for fluctuations in fuel demands during acceleration. When the throttle is closed, the diaphragm return spring forces the diaphragm toward the cover, drawing fuel into the chamber through the inlet. The valve covers the inlet hole when the accelerating pump is operated to prevent the fuel from returning to the bowl. A discharge weight and ball check prevents air from entering from the discharge nozzle when fuel is drawn into the diaphragm chamber.

When the throttle is opened, the diaphragm rod is forced inward, forcing fuel from the chamber into the discharge passage. Fuel under pressure forces the pump discharge weight and ball off their seat and fuel passes through the accelerating pump discharge valve and is sprayed into each main venturi through discharge ports.

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You checked continuity of the wires from the sensor to the gauge and the output from the current voltage regulator to find out that it outputs the wrong voltage, none at all or it’s fluctuating. Well guess what, I have a solution for you! Well that’s totally unacceptable for me because i want to run all the stock gauges in my It would bum me out to have to run aftermarket gauges when I have perfectly good gauges already in the cluster.

Fast forward to a few posts and questions later I learned the following.


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Here is some information for LT1, LS1, Vortec , , wiring harnesses. There should be enough here to get you going in the right direction.

Share this Verne Simons Technical Editor, Four Wheeler Network Long about , pretty much all Jeeps came directly from the factory with fuel injection installed on their engines. This change was for good reason. The later years of carbureted Jeeps are a horrible mixture of old-school fuel delivery technology plugged up with some rudimentary computer controls that in theory should have made these Jeeps run cleaner and better. These computer-controlled carburetors are known for their lack of reliability and generally have a negative reputation now that 20 to 25 years or so have passed.

Other earlier carburetors are simpler, and while most are more than adequate for on-road use, not all do well in the hills. Some work pretty well off-road if they are tuned properly from the get-go, but this is the exception rather than the rule. In order to get a Jeep with a carburetor to run well off-road takes more than just having the physical parts. You need to know how to tune that carb for off-road use, or have access to someone who knows how to tune it. Fuel injection allows for a much more plug-and-play situation where the fuel and air mixture going into your engine is controlled by a computer that knows what it is doing computer-controlled carburetors are much less forgiving.

A good fuel-injection system can compensate for altitude as well as other driving conditions. Also, fuel injection generally works much better off-road than some properly tuned carburetors and is much more robust with regard to changes in weather, altitude, and wear-and-tear.

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