#EXO: Idol Member D.O Rumoured To Leave Group

Should I try to flirt? When it was finally over he saw you go outside and hug two of your friends. Originally posted by sefuns Luhan: Luhan had a idea that it might be his mate because he was told stories about when people find his mates. When he saw you in the window he had to do a double take before he ran to the window and was staring at you while you walked by. It took him a few seconds to realizes that he should be running after you as he took off running after you as you turned the street looking up to see Suho staring at him weirdly while he is running.


Luhan was about to get in the van but one of the managers figured out and pulled him away. It was swollen but he played it off later as having a sty in his eye. Luhan had overheard and angrily pulled Xiumin away.

Three Main Reasons Why EXO Fandom Called as The WORST there is issues, D.O and Girls Day’s Minah dating. Because, they wear the exactly same shoes on a tv program and people just bash Minah before the know the truth about it. is that what human usually do? I have an EXO varsity, so that means EXO and I dating? Well not every EXO fans do.

A media site reported pictures of them hugging. However, there is no much evidence that proves their relationship. Even the fans are skeptic: His Ideal type of woman 14 Giu alle ore He wants same maturity level. He needs a girl with sense of humour, who encourage him during his hard times. She should be a good cook like him, since he is cook for his EXO group. Finally, she should not be possessive.

Physically he loves short and pretty girls.

Seohyun dating?!?!?!

Let’s face it, they have more popular idol groups an the bigger fanbase worldwide. I like Kpop too but my world revolves around Norazo and old Girls Generation music videos. I haven’t heard their songs nor do I even care to listen. One day, I was reading through Asianjunkie’s posts when I noticed a few articles were written specially for EXO’s sasaeng fans and it certainly made me interested all of the sudden.

Aug 03,  · EXO Facts! Updated! And here EXOtics, are some EXO facts. -D.O likes to grow cactus in EXO-K’s apartment and has apparently named the cactus after each member of EXO. -Baekhyun reads a lot of books about love and relationship so that he could be more experienced in dating.

It’s a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Idols need to always remember that it’s the fans who bring them to the position they’re at now. They’re so full of themselves. It’s like they can never be quiet about it No one cares if you’re dating but she seems to clearly be enjoying the attention. Got the group from 0 to fame through Hyeri’s shocking age gap with Tony, eagerly agreed to Minah’s dating scandal, and now Sojin Segye Ilbo via Nate 1.

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Sojin called him ‘Shy Boy’ Sojin didn’t hate him, it just irritate her because Sojin like the type who talked more. Characters eunji vixx leo honbin n infinite l girl’s day yura btob minhyuk. Kpop Star; Video release date:

{Requested} Dating EXO: Junmyeon • mkay so • our lovely little Junmyeon [[MORE]]• he’s basically known you your whole life • childhood best friends • cliche but cute asf • anyway • you’re the only.

Apr 11 I love you so much. One day,I will marry you. I love all exo members but I love you so much. My friend said that are you rally love him? And I said that I love him more than myself. You are my favourite oppa. Plz come our Myanmar. I will be your girlfriend. I am crazy because of you. Apr 08 I hate it when other fans are calling you ‘babo’ because you do everything what the other EXO member told you to.. I accept all of those because that is their opinion..

Who has girlfriend in EXO?

None Favorite Fashion Style: None at the moment D. He and Kai are roommates. He officially joined SM Entertainment in after winning a singing competition. He was a kid ulzzang.

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Bruno Mars Fashion Style: Yuri and Seohyun Facts About D. Kai would hide D. When he goes to sleep he only wears a T-shirt and his underwear He was a kid ulzzang His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer He says that he inherited his artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business If the EXO dorms are messy, D. O and the other members are alone, he tells a lot of jokes He is being considered for many dramas and movie roles In and , D.

Thus, he wears contact lenses D. Baekhyun His shoe size is korean size According to EXO-K members except Chanyeol, the member who has not changed in 3 years since their debut is D. He said that Baekhyun could give laughs to the rest of the cast whereas D. However when I call D.

EXO-CBX’s Xiumin Explains Why He Still Doesn’t Want His Sister To Date Any Of His Members

So sweet you just never want to let go of it. Prefers chubbier girls with beautiful hair, dreamy and unique fashion sense. Somebody cute and a dreamy. This man loves dimples more than anything. Darker, mysterious eyes would get him hooked.

1. Chanyeol hits people very hard, he even made D.O cry. 2. Suho cannot cook, apart from making Ramen. 3. Kai is very scared of the heat, so in D.O and Kai’s room, the cold air temperature is very low.

He was known to be very popular and he also was seen around girls all the time. Luhan seemed TB, like asian hipster, and his dream was to become a singer. Luhan is a cool boy, he has a really cool personality making everyone like him so much. Luhan after debut seems more cute but he wants to be known as manly and handsome. Luhan also seems insecure after he debuted, he even got shouted at by SM for being too shy at the camera.

He seems really mysterious and that he had an interesting life. He seems to have grown more and he seems to be liked more in Korea. After debut, Kris seems to want to act cool all the time, probably to show the people who knew him before that he is now really handsome. Even though he acts cool and seems cool when he first debuted, we can slowly see his inner derp being revealed, Kevin Li coming towards us on the stage. He was also famous before debut.

He knew how to entertain an audience and was overall a fun and hardworking person.

Exo Reactions to Being Slapped During a Fight

Welcome to The Power of Light!! Baekhyun admits that following cameras on stage is hard. Baekhyun feels so nervous on stage that sometimes his legs are almost trembling. Baekhyun tried to use less eye-liner.

Three Main Reasons Why EXO Fandom Called as The WORST there is issues, D.O and Girls Day’s Minah dating. Because, they wear the exactly same shoes on a tv program and people just bash Minah before the know the truth about it. is that what human usually do? I have an EXO varsity, so that means EXO and I dating? Well not every EXO fans do.

I totally had fun with this. Drama is my forte. Long Post, I warn you in advanced. If your partner is hitting you often and you feel like you cannot get out, ask someone you trust for help. His girlfriend stormed out of their house after a long fight to take a walk, but he followed her, demanding to know why she was being so irrational. From his point of view, she was being crazy; one moment she was fine and then the next she was reaching for any little thing to fight with him about.

He knows he probably should have just let her go and have her space, but at the same time the fight has become too heated to just let her walk away like that. He is in utter shock as he holds his cheek and stares at her.

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Do you think EXO members prefer asian or caucasian girls? Please respect my opinion and not flood my asks with rude comments. I have a lot of Asian friends and I am partly Asian.

EXO’s first sub-unit, EXO-CBX (short for ChenBaekXi) discussed their debut and life at their dorm in a recent interview. During the latest broadcast of “ Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the members of EXO-CBX, Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin talked about their time together.

Sehun oppa and Luhan oppa have similar face. They like to be together and play together. When they are together, they always have such a nicest time and they always have the Real Smile from their heart. And they are always happy when they stand close to each other. I can see the natural smile from them when they are together. HunHan is my beloved couple. I love them so much. Nothing can change my love for them.

HunHan fighting Saranhae yo. We Are One forever.

EXO’s Rankings – Singing & Dancing

A post shared by BaekHyun. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates.

Exo’s reaction to their little sister (you) getting drunk Exo gif reaction if you’re their little sister and you sneak out to go to a party/club and they find you there dancing with a stranger, drunk.

EXO reaction to you wanting to keep a kitten you found luhan-whipped said: Aish this girl, always getting what she wants… Chanyeol: You want to keep them too? Ok fine we can keep it please just stop begging Kris: Welcome to the family my little kitten Sehun: I love your blog but every time I favorite something my Tumblr goes back to my home. I’m using Tumblr on my iPhone and I tried shutting it down and closing the app but nothing works.