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Researchers named the star Kronos, after the Titan of Greek mythology who ate his own children out of fears they’d dethrone him, according to a statement from Princeton University. Kronos belongs to a binary star system, or double-star system, located light-years from Earth. The existence of the gassy giant challenges long-standing theories that such a big planet — about the size of Jupiter — cannot be formed around a star so small. The star has a radius and mass about half that of the sun. Nasa might have found traces of ancient oceans on dwarf planet Ceres Nasa’s Dawn mission might have stumbled upon what they are calling remnants of ancient oceans on the surface of Ceres — a dwarf planet that is also the largest object in the asteroid belt. A report by Nasa noted that the presence of minerals- rich water is well-known, leading to speculation that there might have been large oceans on the dwarf planet. Nasa might have just stumbled upon answers to questions surrounding what became of the “global oceans”, and whether or not there is still liquid water on the rock. A ” monster ” planet , which should in theory not exist, has been discovered orbiting a faint dwarf star far, far away, surprised astronomers said Tuesday.

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Substructurein Dwarf Galaxies MatthewColeman,1 Cotter Road, Weston Creek, ACT , Australia [email protected] Abstract Recent years have seen a series of large-scale photometric surveys with the aim of detecting substructure stellar population dating back to the opening epoch of the.

Australia Australian dwarf race branded ‘an embarrassment’ An Australian racing meet has been strongly criticised by the government after it featured a “novelty” race involving dwarves dressed as jockeys. By Bonnie Malkin in Sydney 9: The event involved dwarves being carried on the backs of men who were racing each other to the winning post.

At one point, one of the runners stumbled, sending his “jockey” head first onto the ground. Thousands of racegoers watched the race and a video clip was later posted on YouTube, but has since been removed. Rob Hulls, the racing minister for the state of Victoria, has since condemned the stunt as unacceptable and “an embarrassment”. Having short-statured people jump on blokes’ backs and fall over the finish line at race tracks is certainly no way of promoting this great Spring Carnival, right around the world, right around Australia and right throughout Victoria,” he said.

Mr Hulls said events like the “Midget Cup” gave racing a bad name. I wouldn’t have thought this was the best way to promote the Spring Carnival. However, Stuart Laing, general manager for marketing at Racing Victoria, which organised the race meeting, said the dwarf race was a one-off event intended as “harmless fun”. It was all in good fun.

Hidden in the Landscape: The Unique Architectural Heritage of Icelandic Turf Houses

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The number of dwarf planets may exceed 10,, when objects scattered outside the Kuiper belt, out in the Oort cloud are considered. The Oort cloud – named after Dutch astronomer Jan Oort – is a cloud of icy planetesimals surrounding our Sun at a distance of up to 50, AU ( light years.).

How are Dates Grown? At this time, we have to start by cutting the thorns off of the date fronds. They say that everything in the desert protects itself by stinging, biting, or poking. And the date trees are no different. They have thorns that are approximately 4 to 5 inches long, and can easily pierce thru a truck tire. So the very first thing we do is to remove the thorns to make it possible to work in the date trees.

The male trees produce pollen, and the female trees produce flowers. Unfortunately, neither birds or bees are attracted to the flowers, so the females have to be hand pollinated. During the later part of February we begin to watch for the sheaths on the male trees to begin splitting open. We check each tree every single day. As soon as a sheath on a male tree begins to open, it is tied with string to hold it together, and removed from the tree. Notice how the worker is actually standing in the tree.

Each frond can hold approximately pounds.

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Life timeline and Nature timeline Cave on Flores Island where the specimens were discovered The specimens were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in by a joint Australian- Indonesian team of archaeologists looking for evidence of the original human migration of Homo sapiens from Asia to Australia. Subsequent excavations recovered seven additional skeletons, initially dated from 38, to 13, years ago.

The specimens are not fossilized and have been described as having ” The implements are at horizons initially dated at from 95, to 13, years ago and are associated with found in the same stratigraphic layer as an elephant of the extinct genus Stegodon which was widespread throughout Asia during the Quaternary , presumably the prey of LB1.

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Australia[ edit ] Commonly thought of as the place where dwarf tossing originated. Laws may prohibit dwarf tossing implicitly, but there are not explicit laws preventing a consenting dwarf from being ‘tossed’. The bill was hastily advanced in response to a dwarf-tossing contest [6] that was held at Leopard’s Lounge in Windsor , Ontario with a dwarf nicknamed “Tripod”. The ruling was taken by the full assembly and not a smaller panel—proof of the difficulty of the question. It ruled that the ban could be considered as “necessary to protect public order, which brings into play considerations of human dignity”.

However, it is up to individual authorities to make specific decisions regarding prohibition.

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Turf houses continued to be widely used until the middle of the 20 th century. During the 9 th century AD, the Vikings settled in Iceland, and brought their architectural traditions along with them. Over the centuries these structures were adapted to suit the Icelandic climate, and the natural resources available on the island. In the Norse homeland of Scandinavia , long-houses were typically constructed with timber, preferably oak, which is native to the region.

In Iceland, however, dwarf birch was much more readily available, and therefore was used to construct the frames of the turf houses.

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Please visit our new ScienceWise website for the latest articles. Neanderthals actually had a larger brain than modern humans. Image copyright and courtesy of the Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann www. Radiocarbon dating relies on the fact that the radioactive isotope carbon 14 14C has essentially identical chemical properties to common carbon Whilst organisms are alive they constantly exchange carbon with the environment, some of which is 14C. However when the organism dies that exchange ceases so the amount of 14C is fixed and the radioactive decay clock begins.

If you measure the proportion of 14C to 12C in something like a bone and compare it to that in the environment, you can work how old that bone was when it died. Unfortunately as with so many things in science the reality can at times be rather more complex than the theory and this can stir enormous debates in every field from art history to archeology. One such debate rages around the coexistence of modern humans Homo sapiens and Neanderthals in Iberia modern day Spain and Portugal.

However such interaction did not last long because the Neanderthals did out very soon after the arrival of modern humans around 42, years ago. In the south, the story appears to be quite different. Radiocarbon dating of bones there suggests Neanderthals survived 5, years after modern humans were in the north.

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Josef fritzl Dwarf jokes I was reading in the paper today about this dwarf that got pickpocketed. How could anyone stoop so low? What is the difference between a midget and a freak? Political correctness did you see the dwarf that crossed the road?? I had an unemployed dwarf do a bit of casual work for me.

Dwarf Court Pendu Plat apple is one of the most ancient apples in our collection, dating back to possibly Roman times but it was definitely grown in fifteenth century England, fruit small in size, russeted but with a purple/pink flush, the flesh is crisp, rich, fruity and perfumed.

Parsley Radicchio Keep in mind that vegetables are not meant to replace the Netherland’s staple diet of pellets and hay. Seven Months to One Year At this age, a young Netherlands Dwarf is maturing into adulthood, and his diet will need other careful adjustments. Switch From Alfalfa to Hay Around seven months old, the loose alfalfa portion of the diet should be slowly replaced with hay.

Chewing hay gives rabbits an opportunity to grind down their teeth and keep them in good condition. Hay’s high fiber content also keeps hairballs from turning into bowel obstructions. This is also the time to switch from alfalfa pellets to timothy pellets if they’re available in your area since alfalfa can be fattening for adults. Keep Fruits to a Minimum A few fruits may also be introduced at this age, but use them as treats and offer them sparingly.

A teaspoon-size serving of apple or a thin slice of banana is more than enough. Follow the same plan for introducing fruit as recommended for vegetables, and watch to see if they upset your pet’s digestive system.

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The dearth of smaller craters across Pluto and its large moon Charon indicate the Kuiper Belt, which is an unexplored outer region of our solar system, likely had fewer smaller objects than some models had predicted. This leads New Horizons scientists to doubt a longstanding model that all Kuiper Belt objects formed by accumulating much smaller objects – less than a mile wide. The absence of small craters on Pluto and Charon support other models suggests that Kuiper Belt objects tens of miles across may have formed directly, at their current – or close to current – size.

Flowing ice and a extended haze are among the discoveries from Nasa’s New Horizons mission, which reveal distant Pluto to be an icy world of wonders. The New Horizons mission is also shedding new light on Pluto’s fascinating system of moons, and their unusual properties. For example, nearly every other moon in the solar system – including Earth’s moon – is in synchronous rotation, keeping one face toward the planet. This is not the case for Pluto’s small moons. Pluto’s small lunar satellites are spinning much faster, with Hydra – its most distant moon – rotating an unprecedented 89 times during a single lap around the planet.

Scientists believe these spin rates may be variable because Charon exerts a strong torque that prevents each small moon from settling down into synchronous rotation.